Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Shiny Side Up

Shiny Side Up from C.J. Tuttle on Vimeo.

Boof Bonser

I used to be in a shitty deathcore/sludge/hardcore band. Our name was "Boof Bonser" and I provided the vokillz. Being in a band was really fun and watching skinny kids in tight jeans beat the hell out of each other to your music is unlike anything. Did I mention that girls totally dig guys in bands? Even if they suck. Long story short, we went on a mini-tour and ended up getting our gear stolen at a show. Nevertheless we got some coverage and buzz online with people even posting us to some blogs/file sharing sites. Listen at your own risk.

The Classical

So I write for this blog entitled "The Classical." Here are my published pieces there: Classical.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012