Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Page One.

Being that today is my first day at CSULA it's quite fitting that I post the first entry into my blog.  Class  was engaging and not quite what I am used to.  We actually talked about things I enjoy and find interesting.  I am encouraged to see where this class ends up and what I end up taking away from this experience.  Currently I have the option of leaving class early but here I am typing away at this Mac, communicating to people who I am keen on getting to know.  Couple tidbits: 
-I'm 25
-Work at a grocery store
-dig sports
-twitter: @kidceej
-have red hair

1 comment:

  1. CJ, let's get you going on a specific blog posting that entails more than just wandering around. Why don't you write a review of a club, a piece of music, a sports development etc., which interests you, esp. if you can tell it in a strange and wonderful new way.

    We'll talk more in class; keep writing! This is a great place to work out those good ideas.