Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Race and the Election.

Four years ago the topic of race was a huge talking point for Barack Obama becoming president and many dare I say naive people exclaimed " there will never be a black president." Well here we are with a black president four years later and I wanted to know whether or not this would have any effect on a prospective voter for this coming election being that: A) Barack is definitely still African American, and B) Mitt Romney is as "white" as one can get. I interviewed my mother and got her opinion on the forthcoming election.
My Mother Holly Kennedy

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  1. Good post. Obama is just to big of a change for some people especially in the U.S. and everyone expected him to be a perfect president. I think no president can ever be a perfect president, a president is supposed to invite change for the the future and not take a country like the US back to the past.