Monday, October 29, 2012

Sports Gambling; this is NOT a cry for help.

Recently, I have begun taking my love for the art of competition to the next level, and I suppose (in a way) started eating where I shit so to speak in the process. I am obsessed with sports. All of them, in their on special way.  Even fake ones, (WWE) so majority of the downtime that I have or create by not doing more pressing things is watch sports, read about them and or boast/debate them.  I also consider myself an expert which any right in his mind 25 year old man should, and believe, hope, or wish that I can predict the outcome of most games.  THIS IS WHERE THE STORY BEGINS TO UNRAVEL.
This used to be almost a non-issue.  As sports gambling in Cali is as "illegal" as housing a poker game with family members.  I would bet on games when on vacation in Vega$ or with friends when our favorite teams would go heads up. That is until I realized I could bet online.  This has been a blessing and disaster as I have found a way to increase the amount of fufilment I can get from watching a sporting event, and also drained my bank account of monies. As I write this I'm in the midst of a 7-team parlay with a bet of 20$ winning me 928$. Interested? Bet me.



  1. Hello C.J. I want to tell you that I have your link on my blog. Please let me know if it is okay with you. Have a nice weekend.

  2. Nice post, CJ. Keep it us and write with even more depth. Your posts don't have to be long (in fact, they shouldn't be long), but it would be great if you could post more often.

  3. Bro, what website are you doing this on. Because I want in. I am abouts to make CHEDDAR!

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